In 2004, a group of Old Town Brunswick homeowners got together to ask themselves, “What if…?”

What if we could clean up the squares?

What if we could restore the public green spaces to the beauty and purpose of the Colonial founders?

What if we started right now?

The answers to those questions inspired the formation of Signature Squares of Brunswick, Inc. Led by founders Julie Hunter Martin and LuAnn Whalen, the organization soon grew in strength, and in numbers. Following plans drawn by founding member landscape architect Jerry Spencer, Signature Squares transformed neglected and underutilized spaces into garden spots for the city.

The work began with a plan to replace the broken fountain in Hanover Square, repair the walkways and replant the garden areas. Encouraged by the success of the projects, the group moved forward with revitalization plans for downtown “pocket parks” along Newcastle Street and a beautification of Blythe Square off Gloucester Street.

The funding for revitalization projects has been supplied by the generous contributions from citizens, local businesses and foundations; grants, partnerships and in-kind services. Volunteers from all over the county show up for workdays, to plant flowers and other plant material. Today, downtown visitors, shoppers, residents and business people enjoy the results of their work. Future plans include work on other parks along the business corridor as well as residential park areas. The vision of the colonial founders is well on its way to realization, with green space for all to enjoy.